I am very excited to welcome a new team member to Hansen Multimedia, Stacy Corwin, who joins Hansen Multimedia as an Administrative Assistant.  As you know, over the past two years Hansen Multimedia has experienced consistent growth in all areas of business.  The increased amount of projects has been a major blessing, and we are thankful for every project that comes in.

Stacy Corwin has many years of valuable expertise and experience in the areas of Project Management, Accounting, Graphic Design, Marketing, and she is overall a great organizer.  Besides being an accomplished professional, Stacy has a great eye for details and her attitude and personality are a welcome addition to the team.   She comes to Hansen Multimedia as a part-time employee who will help across all projects and client interactions.

I am extremely excited to bring Stacy onto our team, and I am confident that she will bring clarity and efficiency to my work-flow.