I had a great time at the re:build conference this past week.  I can’t wait until next year, I seriously love this conference. Simply the best conference out there.  The chance for learning and networking is so broad, everyone who works in web design and development should be coming to this conference annually.

Here are few my key takeaways:

  • Good Design Solves Problems
  • If we want design to be seen as more than decoration, we must treat development as more than plumbing.
  • Creativity isn’t a talent, It’s a way of operating. It’s a frame of mind – John Cleese
  • It is important to learn new things that have nothing to do with your profession
  • “People who really want to make a difference in the world aren’t determined to revolutionize the world all at once, they’re satisfied with small changes.” – Beth Clark
  • Don’t let your passion for work suck the passion from your life
  • Figure out what time of day you work best, and do you best work during that timeframe each day
  • DIY is overrated, collaborate with other often
  • Stay connected to what inspires you (hint: it might not be work)
  • Manage your Energy, not your time
  • Make Time for serendipity
  • The appetite for Content is bigger now than ever
  • Content online does not support the traditional model of costs subsidized by Ads
  • Advertising is fueled perception
  • Data has been turned into a service
  • Designs that incorporate heavy cues to the existence of past artifacts pay homage to the old
  • There is anxiety in the thought of replacing physical artifacts with digital artifacts
  • The Internet is real life