There are few things in this life more annoying than the misplaced “Reply All”.  You know, that crazy office email chain that will never end?  The one that started as a harmless joke and has transformed into a borderline offensive rant that grows to new levels of inappropriateness with with each hasty “Reply All.”  Or, how about when you have hit “Reply All” and sent that scathing message to a group people, when you only intended it to go to one person?

I have had along disdain for “Reply All.”  I know, some people might say that there are more important issues in this world to purge.  There is an actual movement forming where certain organizations are banning “Reply All” and completely removing it as an option for their employees.  I think this a great thing, and I stand behind it 100%.

Check out this article on Yahoo Finance: Eradicating ‘Reply All’