Who doesn’t love a tasty Photoshop tip?  I love learning all the new things that Photoshop can do.  I have been using photoshop for the better part of 10 years, and I am constantly amazed at how many shortcuts, tips, and tricks I can learn.  And, when Adobe releases new version at a breakneck pace, it becomes even more challenging to keep up with all the features they release each time.

Becoming a Photoshop genius is a worth cause. I can still remember all the invaluable shortcuts that are imprinted on my brain.  Can I ever forget the “shit+ctrl+alt+s” shortcut to save for web and devices?  Or, how about “shift+ctrl+alt+e” to stamp the visible layers to a a new layer?

Lucky for us there are people like Edward Sanchez that keep track of all the new goodies.  Check out his tumblr page at: photoshopsecrets.tumblr.com