I am very proud of my friend and business parter, James Friesen, for leading a team of people to Panama to install 2 windmills in the remote villages of Bucola and Isla Patterson.  Davids’ Well is the ministry that manages the work in Panama, which is led by Juan Rodriguez.

I have been to Panama twice for mission trips and I’ve always had a heart for the people there.  I love watching the people of God go to Panama and make a difference in the indians’ lives by binging education, clean water, and most importantly, the love of Jesus.

The indians have long suffered with poor water sources, which breed disease and are very dangerous. Animals and people use the same water, which is a very unhealthy situation. The windmills that the team installed will use the power of the wind to pump fresh water from the ground. This is all part of the holistic ministry that David’s Well has in Panama, bringing the love of God to them by meeting their physical needs.

Take a look at the work: