I’m the one who makes sure things don’t fall through the cracks. I’ve been called, “detail oriented,” by those who appreciate my compulsions and, “crazy,” by those who don’t so much. Whether you find it endearing or annoying, the one thing that helps me stay on top of things is ROUTINE. I have a routine for everything I do — from folding the laundry to tackling my daily to-do list at work. Routine is what keeps things from getting missed. Routine is what makes me cringe at the idea of change. Routine is what keeps me from updating my software until I absolutely must. But what I learned about the features included in the latest Adobe Illustrator CC update lead me to install the updates with excitement instead of dread.

It seems like just as I get used to a version of software, they come out with an update, promising wonderful improvements. The pessimist in me assumes that for every improvement, there will be at least two changes that drive me a little crazy. For instance, I still get a little bit of a rash when I have to use the Photoshop crop tool that Adobe radically changed in CS6 and I’m still mad about New Coke (click here if you don’t get that reference). I typically wait until compatibility requires it before making my updates. I admit — as of this morning, I was still on CS6. To me, “CC” stood for, “Can’t Change.” But after seeing this tweet from Illustrator, I couldn’t wait to run my updates today.


Round Corners Easily in Illustrator CC

LIVE CORNERS? Really? Were they just toying with me? Would rounding a corner in Illustrator no longer require an act of Congress? See for yourself. Live Corners make it a breeze to round, invert, and generally go nuts modifying corners.


Would I really be persuaded by something so simple? Would this be enough to convince me? Absolutely. But there is more!

Try the All-New Pencil Tool in Illustrator CC

To call it improved isn’t even accurate. It’s like a new tool — it is radically different and in a good way. The update lets users draw absolutely precise curves with dozens of points (as before), OR, draw precise, but smooth paths, with far fewer points. It is also much easier to extend or close paths and modifier keys allow paths to be drawn straight or constrained to 0, 45, or 90-degree angles for maximum precision. Learn more about the all-new pencil tool here:


Meet the Path Segment Reshape in Illustrator CC

This new feature allows for easy, precision reshaping of segments of a path never before enjoyed by Illustrator users. Using the Path Segment Reshape tool with the Anchor Point or Direct Selection Tool (also accessible with the Pen Tool), users can smoothly drag curves and path segments to the exact desired shape. Most users will likely find this new technology much more intuitive and easy to use than the bezier curve handles. See it in action here:

Path Segment Reshape

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So, am I reformed? Do I now welcome change with open arms? Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but these are some changes I’m happy to see and start using. And maybe, just maybe, I won’t wait so long to update my software next time. I’m still not fond of that crop tool in Photoshop though.

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