We are proud to welcome Kim White to Hansen Multimedia as our new Strategic Coordinator.  Kim brings a vast array of skills and experience, and we are honored that she has chosen to join in on all the fun at Hansen Multimedia!

Kim-WhiteKim has her own special way of keeping complex projects on track. Gathering details and meeting deadlines is second nature for her. Her knowledge of multimedia production and passion for creative storytelling helps her fit right in!.  At Hansen Multimedia we’re a collection of story tellers and content creators that love collaboration.  There is nothing we like more than putting our creative minds together to make our clients’ stories come alive on the web and on the screen.  Kim’s personality fits right in with the creative madness that has come to define a typical day with Hansen Multimedia.

So, what will Kim do?

A quick list of how Kim will contribute:

  • Project Management – She will keep things on track. Bribing the appropriate people and lighting a fire under whomever needs to get things done.  Can we say “Task Master?”
  • Administrative Support – Kim will support the various parts of Hansen Multimedia by taking care of all the necessary details that make things run smooth. Someone has to make sure the rent gets paid!
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable – Yep, you got it, Kim will be the one asking for money (invoicing) and passing the money around to everyone that needs it (payables).
  •  Video Production – Kim has some mad video editing skills!  She will bring much needed support and a productivity boost within the realm of video editing and shooting. Yes, we can trust her with a video camera.
  • Photography – Kim is an accomplished photographer, and she will be taking care of our photography needs for our clients.

Speaking of Photography, check out some of her latest and greatest

Kim-White-Wedding Kim-White-Senior Kim-White-Baby Kim-White-Baby2

How does this affect the rest of our team?

Adding Kim to the team increases our capacity to take on new and larger projects.  With Kim as the Strategic Coordinator, it allows for Stacy Corwin to focus on her core strengths within writing, page layout, and graphic design.  This rearrangement of responsibilities will help us improve our customer service and client relationships by having a more diverse set of skills on staff.

Our extended team of video shooters, video editors, web developers, and content creators that have come to define the diversity of Hansen Multimedia will still bring their talents to our projects.  We place a high value on collaboration and teamwork, and we know that we are only as good as our last project.  With a constant stream of quality referrals and recurring projects, we are blessed to create every day!

Please help me in welcoming Kim White to Hansen Multimedia!