Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help a Sparrow? We found out on recently when we attended “How Sweet it Is” – a fundraiser for Sparrow Clubs Indiana.

Sparrow Clubs Indiana is a non-profit organization with a rather unique twist to helping children with medical needs. Sparrow Clubs brings together the child with medical needs or the “Sparrow”, a community donor, and students at a local school. The students “earn” money for their Sparrow by volunteering for various community projects.

We were so inspired by the work being done by Sparrow Clubs Indiana, that we spent the afternoon on Friday interviewing and recording Amy Leeland, sister of the original Sparrow, who had come from Oregon for the event the night before. Hansen Multimedia, in conjunction with Keepsake Media Group will create a video of Amy describing the beginnings of Sparrow Clubs and the mission of the club today. It is our hope that this video will help focus attention on Sparrow Clubs and generate more interest in the wonderful things they do for children in medical need and the students that “adopt” these Sparrows.

Take a look at some pictures from our video shoot and check out Sparrow Clubs Indiana.