Been on Facebook lately? How about Twitter?Google+, YouTube, or Pinterest? You can lose hours each day trying to remain active on the various social media networks. The good news is you don’t need to be in all places at all times. Depending on your business, certain social media channels are going to be more effective than others at building your profile.


“Great,” you say. “But how do I choose?” You can simply follow the numbers – there are plenty of tools out there to collect metrics – or you can apply some basic strategies for cross-promoting your content and brand on social media.

  • Be Social – One-way conversations don’t work. Social media exists to build relationships. Before you start bombarding your audience with content, take the time to build connections. Choose a social network that works for you – start with where your primary audience resides – and go from there. After you’ve built a rapport, you can then push out your content because you’ll have a more active, and receptive, audience. And from that first channel, you can expand to others.
  • Find and Invest in Your Audience – Once you know where your main audience lives, put together a plan. You’re not going to gain a huge following overnight. A consistent plan and roll-out will help you reach them gradually. The longer you maintain your strategy, the greater the chance you’ll see positive outcomes.
  • Connect with Influence – Audience-building takes time. But you can abbreviate the clock if you connect with one or two top influencers in each channel. These are people with established audiences and brands. When you get someone with a large following to talk up your brand or content, you’re likely to see a jump in your audience. But remember to be genuine. If you’re not sincere about building your relationship with an influencer, they’ll see through your motives.
  • Think Big-Picture – You’ve written a blog and are going to post the link to your company Facebook page. That’s not enough. You need at least one good image to go with the post before you post it. Now Tweet the link. Maybe you have an interesting photo you can post to Instagram? Why not create a new Pinterest board? Perhaps you can add it on LinkedIn’s new publishing feature? Consider all the possibilities.

How are you currently cross-promoting your brand and content across social media? Are you maximizing the channels available? Contact us to learn more.