Story makes us unique because we all have different ones. In fact, you have several – your personal story, your familial story, your career story. Even the design of your website tells a story. Think about the different pieces of your online presence. How engaging are those elements? How well do those pieces fit together? Can someone come to your website and get a sense of what you or your company are about? If they can, your design is probably telling a good story. If not, what can you do to improve the story and the user experience so they want to come back again?

The following tips will help ensure you’re using your web design to tell an interesting story:

  1. Use Compelling Imagery – The video, photos, and graphic elements on your site are what will initially catch your visitor’s interest. They’re also what will likely be remembered most. Take the time to consider the impressions your design is communicating to a visitor. And make sure you find space for video. A short video can be as memorable as anything else on your site.
  2. Focus on Copy – People don’t read as much as they used to, but words still make up a majority of the content you’ll find online. The copy needs to sizzle – your story should have an engaging tone, be grammatically correct, and induce your readers to return. You want them to feel obligated to learn more about you or your business. An active blog supports that goal.
  3. Integrate the Social – Your website is the home for your story, but you can share it through social media channels. You want to reach as large an audience as you can. That won’t be possible if you’re not active on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
  4. Build as an Extrovert – Your story is worthless if you’re interested only in yourself. The elements of your website should be engaging, appealing, inviting, and full of personality. You might want to consider A/B testing to see if one version of your site gets a more positive reaction. The goal is to get your audience to interact with the story on your site.

Does your website tell a good, compelling story? Are you actively incorporating the four tips listed above? To find out how Hansen Multimedia can help you tell a better story through your website, click here.