As marketing tools continue to segment and marketing strategies continue to be defined, businesses may lose site of core marketing practices. Analytics, A/B Testing, SEO, lifecycle assessment, social media — they all have their place and value. But companies need to remember that however they decide to slice the onion, none of it matters if they don’t bring their efforts back to the basics: Goals, Intent, and, especially, Audience.

Your marketing plan should be heavily determined by your audience. You need to understand them or your messages fall on disinterested ears. Screaming to the heavens about a new, revolutionary product or platform means nothing if you’re yelling at the wrong audience.

 As you develop your company strategy, consider the following:

  • First and foremost, who is your audience? If you don’t know, stop everything and figure it out before you sink more resources into an ineffective strategy.
  • Are you providing your audience with information about your company that matters to them? In turn, are you furthering the marketing position of your company?
  • How will the information you’re providing to your audience benefit the business?
  • Are you delivering information to your audience through the right vehicles and channels?
  • Will your audience change over time? If so, what strategies are you working on to reach the new audience?

 If you can answer these questions, you’re on your way to understanding your audience. And if you understand them, you can successfully market to them.

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