Unless you’ve been living in a self-imposed Android world, you’re well aware of the impending launch of the Apple Watch. As the first entirely new Apple product since the iPad, the Apple Watch has considerable buzz. Starting at about $350 and going as high as $17,000 for a gold model, you can expect the Apple Watch to be a popular topic of conversation upon release at the end of April. So what will it’s impact be on the tech world?

  1. Not the first smartwatch, but the first for Apple users — Several smartwatches are already available for the Android market. The Apple Watch is the first of its kind for Apple users, so it’s designed to extend the appeal and value of the Apple infrastructure. That said, it will have it’s own dedicated apps. Apple is aiming for a blend of tech and fashion — it’s up to Apple users and the developer base to build its functionality.
  2. A slow crawl to fitness dominance — A number of fitness bands have gained market share, but they haven’t had to compete with Apple until now. The battle for the wearable fitness market will gain significant push now that Apple is part of the puzzle. It will be interesting to see the number of people who stick with tools like a Fitbit versus those who buy in completely to the capabilities of the Apple Watch.
  3. Apple Pay — Mobile payment capabilities will continue to gain favor among consumers. The Apple Watch supports Apple Pay, the service most likely to grow at a fast pace. Being able to pay for items by simply swiping your watch will change the retail market.
  4. Haptic Feedback — The Apple Watch is designed to capitalize on a heightened level of tactile engineering. Whether that’s notifying wearers of an email by vibrating or creating increased opportunities for device control remains to be seen. The bottom line is that it’s exciting, nuanced technology.

Are you going to buy an Apple Watch? What elements of the technology are most exciting to you? If you run a business, do you see Apple Watch apps being a component of your business down the road?