Most website owners have gotten used to the idea of changing Google algorithms. The ubiquitous search engine’s mysterious calculations for determining site rankings have adjusted several times during the past few years. But the newest update, set for April 21, is poised to have a significant impact on your site’s mobile optimization. Now, your site must be Google Mobile Friendly.



Sites optimized for mobile have always been dealt a more favorable hand in ranking than those not designed for the platform. Google’s algorithm changes until now — Panda, Penguin, and so on — have impacted mobile, but not to a degree that rankings were significantly affected. The new update is expected to lend greater weight to a site’s indexing and design. If your website is not built to capitalize on the latest in mobile tech, don’t be surprised to see your rankings plummet and your traffic decrease.

 What To Do

 Until the algorithm change is officially released, it’s too early to suggest concrete changes. You can, however, check the following:

  • Check Your Site on Mobile Now — Use your smartphone or tablet to access your site now to see how it appears. Make sure you check all your pages — your home page may be clean, but that doesn’t mean the subpages are navigable.
  • Talk to Your Developer About Updates — Inquire about responsive design and whether your site is well established. If not, find out the steps to prepare. You’ll also want them to confirm your site is set up so Google’s mobile bots can find it.

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