One of the biggest misconceptions among companies with new websites is the belief that once it’s up, the job is done. Far from it. Your new website is like a newborn — you have to feed and nurture it so it grows. Your website content needs to attract customers, which requires upkeep. Otherwise, it sits there and eventually fades away.

Here’s how you can keep it active and valuable:

Add Content, Often

New content is the heart and soul of inbound marketing. Whether you write blog posts, add video, or upload white papers to offer as free downloads — hopefully to build your email list — the goal is to position your site as a resource visitors come to often. It’s your piece of online real estate, the home for your business.

Here’s how content aids inbound marketing: By adding new content often, search engines like Google take greater notice of your efforts. Then, as people enter search terms in Google, the likelihood your site comes up in the results improves. The more frequently you post information your potential audience finds valuable, the better your odds of being found.

Check Keywords

Keywords are core terms or phrases that customers use to find a site. You want to ensure the keywords that best represent your business — and the reasons consumers are looking for you — are prevalent on the site so Google takes notice. If, for example, you own a custom lighting company in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, these words and and any tangentially related phrases must be found throughout your site. Checking keywords often will help improve the chances your site is discovered, and keep it current.

Get Social

Social media has become a key element in the way search engines find you online. If you haven’t already, start your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You should also consider Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, or other networks that match your company needs. After you launch the social accounts, connect them to your site and get active. Building your social presence helps draw traffic to your website.

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