Let’s face it. To most people, cameras are downright frightening. For those who have never been in front of a camera, there are a million questions floating around in the galaxy. Will it add ten pounds? What if I don’t know what to say? Will I be so nervous I throw up or pass out? As someone who has worked on-camera for nearly 20 years, I come with good news. First of all, no one has ever died during an interview. No one. I am also fairly certain no one has ever thrown up during any interview I have ever conducted (well except for me but in all fairness, I was pregnant and fortunately it was off camera….).

Friends, I am here to tell you not only will you survive this moment, but you will find it won’t even come close to the terror-filled episode you have built up in your mind! The easiest way to tame the three-eyed fear monster is by preparing. You are in luck! I have some tips to help you do just that and breeze through your on-camera experience. So buckle up, keep your hands and legs inside the car at all times and get ready to learn how easy interviews can be!

Unless you have embezzled millions and tv reporters are chasing you, the interview you are about to is all about how great you are.

When you are working with Hansen Multimedia, we are here to make you look good during your on camera interview. It is what we do! You can rest assured there will be no trick questions and no one is interested in catching you in a “gotcha” moment. Our team has thoroughly researched you and your organization to make you shine like a superstar in Vegas. This really is all about you!

Your lasting impression should be what you are saying not the fashion statement you are making.

Hey, we all like to look good, right? Trust me. We want you to look great! (We will even touch you up with makeup to make sure you are not shiny!) However, when it comes to your clothing, simple is best. Loud patterns not only distract the viewer, they can literally wreak havoc on the camera lens. Think solid colors, simple designs and tasteful jewelry. When it comes to hair, ladies, keep it out of your face. We want to see you!

Breathe in….one…two…three….and…let it all out…

In other words, RELAX. Nothing is going to be live. There is no need to have stage fright. No one is going to throw tomatoes at you. I promise. The beauty about what we do at Hansen Multimedia is, it is all recorded and our field producers (the person interviewing you) are naturals at making you forget there is a camera in the first place! Besides, we can always do it over. Still worried? Just so you know, we have some of the best editors in the business! So take a deep breath and just chill. This wont hurt a bit!

But what if I get asked something I don’t know?!?

If you are asked something you are not sure of no worries. All you have to do is say you don’t know and we will move on! It is really that simple. We are not the CIA. No tough questions or tasers will be used during your interview!

So how is this all going to go down?

Ahh. I thought you would never ask! So here is what you can expect. We will put a microphone on you and tell you where to sit or stand. Next, the field producer (your interviewer) will ask you to say and spell your name so we don’t accidentally identify you as oh, let’s say Clark Kent (though how bad would that really be? Superman is pretty cool…). Next, the interview is off and running! You will be asked questions and a conversation will begin. Be sure to completely ignore the camera and just look at your field producer. Think of it this way. You are just chatting and there just HAPPENS to be a camera rolling. Finally, you will be asked if there is anything else you want to add. If there is anything at all, now is the time to say it! Guess what? You are finished! The whole thing will take less than 15 minutes.

See! It really is that simple. From here your interview will be edited and made beautiful. You will be amazed at how great you look and sound! Poof! It’s magic! Now get out there and do that interview! You can do it!