Google+ failed.

Google only half-heartedly acknowledges it, but it’s the truth. Forcing a social network down the throats of your users — even those as committed to Google as many are — has a way of not working out.

During the big Google+ push, users were required to create accounts to gain access to more popular services like YouTube. As you may imagine, that angered some. But Google has mercifully pulled the plug on that requirement. Now, all you need is a standard Google account, which most people have, if not several. But don’t go deleting your Google+ account yet.

For YouTube users, here’s what you need to know:

They’re still linked

Deleting your Google+ account means losing access to your YouTube channel as it currently exists. For many, that would be disastrous. You don’t have to use Google+ anymore, but you do need to keep it active.

But not the comments

During the Google+ push, comments made about your YouTube videos appeared on your Google+ profile. That feature is gone.

Is Google+ completely done?

Not yet — it’s simply getting an internal cold shoulder similar to the one it has already received from the majority of the online world. The social network will still be out there for the dedicated. For most people, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube — on it’s own individual terms — are just fine.

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