It seems only fitting in today’s superhero-obsessed world that the biggest trend in web design is the prevalence of hero images. You’ve seen them, whether you realize it or not — big headers, large photos to convey depth, and then various backgrounds as you scroll down the page. Heroes are everywhere! But why?

  1. To Promote Imagery — Maybe you have great photos, or perhaps your products truly need to be seen to be appreciated. Hero image design puts those elements front and center. Flat design of the past often blended the pictures in with the rest of the content. With this strategy, the viewer can’t escape the big idea the designer wants to put forward.
  2. Clever Single-Page Design — Tabs have lost favor in many industries, so designers are opting for methods that highlight the benefits of single-page design. With hero images, designers can segment pages while using scrolling concepts, boosting opportunities for creativity.
  3. Your Content Plan — Hero images can work both ways when it comes to content. If you don’t have a lot, you can rely on the images to distract viewers from limited information. On the other hand, if you have a feature story you want to promote, hero images and big headers can draw the viewer in and increase the chances they click to read the piece.
  4. Color — The palette of color options grows when hero images are part of your design concept. In the past, designers felt locked in to ensuring color consistency across all pages. Now, the rules are more lenient, allowing for more exciting design experimentation.
  5. Galleries — If you want to max out the hero image options, you can create a gallery that rotates your collection of pics and illustrations. An interior design company, for example, may derive considerable benefit from this approach.

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