You rely on your Content Management System (CMS) to present the best aspects of your company online. But it’s likely that many of the features available in your CMS are not used frequently. When was the last time you considered whether your CMS was ideal for your business? Regardless of the CMS you use, there are 5 key features you need to leverage:

  1. User-Friendliness — A CMS is worthless if those expected to use it don’t know how. You need a system that’s intuitive and provides a baseline barrier to entry so anyone can maximize value. One of the key reasons for the ubiquity of WordPress is that anyone can learn how to use it at a simple level.
  2. Security — You may want everyone in your company to have access to your CMS, but that doesn’t mean you want them all to have complete access. Your CMS should provide advanced features that segment out who can do what on your site. These include defining user roles, classifying permissions, and enabling levels of authentication.
  3. Mobile Support — The statistics continue to rise in regard to the number of people who rely on mobile access to manage resources. The CMS you choose must offer support for mobile website designs and those created using responsive design. Your CMS needs to offer flexibility.
  4. Marketing Tools — Your CMS should allow you to maximize the marketing opportunities of your site. The majority of systems have integrated marketing functionality into the design, enabling you to assess metrics and take advantage of opportunities.
  5. Integration — A CMS is just one tool that can help you take your business to the top. You want a CMS that integrates with other solutions, such as ERP and POS systems, but also allows you to leverage social media channels.Combined, integrated software can deliver powerful results.

What CMS does your company currently use? Have you identified areas of improvement? Contact us today to find out how we can help you to maximize your CMS.