You can get lost in acronyms. Remembering what they all stand for, especially when you start talking about technology, can seem overwhelming. But one acronym that should be on your radar is API, which stands for Application Programming Interface.

What does that mean? As a simple explanation, an API is what makes all the software on your devices work. Applications – or apps — are what you use every day on your phone, tablet, or streaming device. The API is how developers program those apps and communicate with the software so everything functions together correctly.

To think of it another way, the API is the gatekeeper for the programmer when she wants to make changes to an application. Through the API, the developer can gather data about the application and devise ways to revise or update the software. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or countless other social media apps, the API is a critical piece of their construction.

For businesses, APIs are important for the following reasons:

  • A company that wants to develop an application for its customers needs to gather data from an API.
  • APIs allow programmers to create solutions that allow businesses to run more efficiently.
  • If your company’s developers create open APIs, third parties can use that information to create additional software, which boosts the profile of your business.

Are you familiar with how APIs impact the way you do business? How might your company take advantage of APIs to create new opportunities for industry awareness and revenue? Contact us today to learn more.