Those who run a small business know the bulk of administrative and organizational tasks fall on them. You may have an accountant who handles your annual taxes, or a payroll administrator that takes care of the monthly salary numbers, but the rest of the steps are in your court. It helps to have a small business checklist to guide you through.

If you don’t have one already set up, this can help you begin to get organized.

  • Choose and set up your invoicing software (if necessary)
  • Reconcile all accounts (as necessary)
  • Buy a new accordion folder to collect and organize all new receipts
  • Audit your list of contacts in your CMS to ensure they are current
  • Reach out to all clients and wish them a happy new year and that you look forward to working with them in 2016
  • Ensure your website content is current, specifically contact information
  • Verify there are no broken links or template changes that affect appearance
  • Create a content plan to supply your site with new material for the year
  • Create a social media plan to support your content and marketing efforts
  • Collect all your revenue numbers for the previous year
  • Build spreadsheets of final expenses, broken out monthly
  • Schedule time with your accountant to finalize your 2015 taxes, or complete taxes yourself
  • Establish growth goals for the new year
  • Build list of new industries you want to pursue
  • Identify contacts who may be able to help expand your network
  • Determine your materials budget for the year, including insurance
  • Assess any outstanding loans and methods of repayment
  • Get to work