Facebook and Twitter may garner most of the social media attention, but a number of other platforms have also built substantial followings. One of the most popular for the visually inspired is Pinterest. Using the pinboard concept, users can post images, lists, videos, and links to their account, which are then shared with others. Pinterest is especially handy for information such as fashion advice, cooking tips, and home decor suggestions. The platform is popular among women — an estimated 70 percent of users are female.

While Pinterest is fun for exploring hobbies and interests, it can also be valuable for some businesses. Pinterest offers business accounts for that explicit purpose — to help you promote your organization through fun, visual means while providing you with analytical tools to measure campaign success.

So why should your company be on Pinterest?

  1. Brand Building — Pinterest is one more avenue to increase the profile of your brand. If you sell products that benefit from visual exposure, Pinterest is a simple option.
  2. Passionate Fans — Pinterest leverages the same sharing concepts as Facebook and Twitter. If you know your community of fans love to talk about the latest products, Pinterest is an easy way to help kick-start the conversation.
  3. Sales, Of Course — Why wouldn’t you use a tool that opens the door to more potential revenue? Pinterest is an easy way to funnel online traffic to your website, leading to greater sales opportunities.
  4. Cache — Consider whether your competitors use Pinterest. If other companies are using the platform, you need to as well to keep pace. If competitors are not using it, there may be an opportunity to differentiate your company and reach an untapped market.

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