You can’t escape the hashtag.

For those who have tried to avoid the prevailing nomenclature, a hashtag is a way to create or follow a conversation on Twitter. Anytime you see the pound sign followed by words, that’s a hashtag. Twitter has turned hashtag usage into a second language, but it’s one in which nearly a billion people participate.

Though Twitter is most often thought of as a personal social media tool, companies have discovered that it pays to be on the platform, too. Here’s why:

  1. Conversation — Customers like to know they can communicate directly with brands or companies they support. Twitter offers a direct connection. Consumers often tweet at companies about products they like — or, on the negative side, customer service issues that cause them concern. Businesses benefit from keeping that line of communication open because it builds trust and strengthens relationships.
  2. Brand Awareness — A company Twitter account allows you to create a personality for your brand, which can then resonate with customers. With Twitter, your company account can post the latest news, tease upcoming sales, or offer coupons and discounts. The more you tweet valuable information, the greater the likelihood you can generate brand awareness and momentum.
  3. Going Viral — The magic that everyone is looking for is to have a tweet go viral. Though it’s much easier said than done, you have no shot if you don’t try. For a business, it might be a tweet about a surprise online sale, that fans than retweet, creating increased exposure. Maybe you create a short video that connects with your followers, who then share the love. The goal is to get the greatest amount of coverage.
  4. Competition — Don’t you want to know what your competitors are doing? Twitter is an easy way to follow their efforts and gain insight into how their followers are responding. Twitter allows for cheap, easy business intelligence.

Does your company currently use Twitter? If not, are you planning to get started? To learn how you can use Twitter for your business, contact us today.