Modern web design is fluid. Layouts and trends that were popular just a couple of years ago are now deemed obsolete. Tabs, for example, which were once the standard on every site, are now considered archaic. Website owners must accept that changes are needed every couple of years or run the risk of visitors thinking their product remains firmly entrenched in the past.

In 2016, websites must incorporate these three key design elements:

  1. Large Images — Also referred to as Hero images, these large photos are like establishing shots in film — they help ground the visitor and set the stage for every other element incorporated in the site. Large images immediately connote that visitors will have an experience on the site, and they won’t have to scroll or search far to begin.
  2. Video — Time is at a premium. Your visitors may have only 90 seconds to scan your site to determine whether it’s what they need. A short video describing your company or brand right at the start can give viewers everything they need to make a decision. Words are important, too, but video allows you to make that initial hook.
  3. Impactful Font — Think of the band Kiss — you want to shout it out loud. Creative fonts enable you to put your key ideas front and center. When you use interesting typography, you can deliver memorable imagery as well as the most important messages. Again, time is crucial for today’s visitors. They don’t want to dig at first glance. Cool fonts can make them stop and take notice.

Does your website currently incorporate these three key design elements? If not, contact us today to learn how we can help.