We all know the “web guy.” He’s the friend of a friend, who helped another friend with the website for his organic socks start-up. The business never got off the ground, but the site had some cool imagery and the logo looked sharp.

If that works for your business, go call the web guy.

Web guys have their place — they can help when little things pop up or you need some general advice. But web guys typically don’t understand the immediate needs that face most businesses. They also don’t realize the potential for long-term harm that can result if a website has something that always needs to be fixed.

Web guys are loosey goosey. Most businesses are not.

Outsourcing your website — or hiring a professional firm — will cost more than the web guy, but the long-term value is indisputable.

An outsourced firm delivers:

  • Commitment — You have a contract in place, and they’re dedicated to providing you with quality service and an impressive product.
  • Pride — Every website a firm creates reflects their skill and expertise. An outsourced company doesn’t want to put a product on the internet that doesn’t represent them in the brightest light. A firm takes pride in its work.
  • Expertise — Outsourced firms try to align with experts in all realms of design, including development, content, photography, and video. A web guy knows other “guys,” which is recipe for an even bigger disaster.

Have you hired a web guy before? How did that experience work out? If you’re ready to put your brand in the hands of an experienced firm with unmatched expertise, contact us today.