Websites are like cars. Depending on the quality, features, and age, the cost can span a wide range. As with cars, you need to decide what a website is worth to you.

At the bottom of the ladder are the do-it-yourself websites. While they cost little to set up, these sites are designed simply to exist, without polish and support. You’re essentially creating an online poster. As we all know, posters can last for only so long.

When you hire an expert to build your website, the costs are based on several factors. These include:

  • Up-Front Strategic Preparation and Planning
  • Design and Development, Including Wireframes and Site Maps, to Ensure a Quality User Experience
  • Site Assembly via Coding and Programming
  • Creation of Photography, Art, and Other Visual Elements
  • Written Content
  • Video Creation
  • Implementation of E-commerce
  • SEO Setup and configuration
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools provisioning
  • Backup system implementation
  • Security protocol implementation
  • Site Testing for Desktop and Mobile
  • User Training
  • SOP Generation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Hosting and Launch Costs
  • Ongoing Support

All the steps listed above are fairly standard in the development of a high-quality website. But what you’re paying for most is the experience and expertise, understanding that the website you’re buying is one of the most critical elements of your company brand. Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for.

Is your organization in the market for a new website? If your site hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, it may not be compatible with current desktop and mobile standards. Contact us today to learn more.