We all get into ruts. It’s human nature. The same environments and patterns that are comforting on one level can be prohibitive if we get too secure. How successfully you accomplish your work tasks often can be the result of your setting. Staring at the same four walls for eight hours a day eventually gets old, and your work may suffer.

Below are common causes for being less productive and why changing your setting may improve your outcomes:

  1. Bad Lighting — Are the bulbs over your head flickering or omitting a sickening yellow glow? How close is your desk to the nearest window? If you enjoy working in a dark cave, these issues may be inconsequential. But if bright lighting or access to daylight make you feel better, you’re going to be more productive. Some studies have shown that natural light helps improve memory. It certainly makes you feel more optimistic.
  2. Dull Color — Off greys and neutral tans may work for a new builder spec home, but in a workplace they’re depressing. Getting up out of your seat and finding more colorful scenery will change your mood. Greens and blues, for example, have been shown to stimulate creativity and brainstorming.
  3. Uncomfortable Environment — Several factors can contribute to an uncomfortable work environment. Too much noise from co-workers, chairs with no support or desks that sit too low, a general sense of company malaise — you can’t get work done if the environment around you isn’t conducive to productivity. Too much glare on your PC? You need to move to a new location. Is the temperature in your building too hot or cold? Find a spot that’s more agreeable. If you can move your PC and still get work done, you need to explore the options.

What are some of the reasons you struggle with productivity? Do you have any tips for overcoming these problems? Contact us today.