Who has the time?

In today’s business world, nobody. Organizations are always looking for tools to maximize efficiency and get the most out of a standard work day. You can, however, become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of solutions. You want to use apps that are intuitive and applicable for a wide variety of people.

Here are the top 5 business apps:


Google Drive

Anyone can get a Google account, providing access to Drive, which is the simplest collective workspace available. Several types of documents, including standard copy docs, spreadsheets, and more, can be created, shared, and edited with version control via the service. If you have a group of people working on a project, Drive is the place to start.



Skype has been the gold standard of online communication through video and chat for several years now. Need to talk to your boss across the globe? Schedule a Skype call. Setting up an account is free.



Hundreds of millions of users can’t be wrong. Evernote is one of the easiest tools to use to log articles you’ve read, to take notes, build lists, and so on. You can sync Evernote from your phone to your laptop so everything is consistent.



By now, almost the default application for scheduling and conducting conference calls. You create a GoToMeeting account, send out invites via email, and wait for participants to dial in. It’s that easy.


Few people will admit to liking Powerpoint. A powerful alternative is Prezi, which is easy to use and enables you to create presentations that are more dynamic, and less dull than Powerpoint.

And Many More

The number of business apps on the market is growing daily. Other excellent solutions with large numbers of users include FreshBooks, Trello, Slack, and Wunderlist. What works for one business may not for yours, so take time to explore.

What business apps do you use most?