People love to read reviews. Think about every time you go to You may already know the product you want to buy, but you still want to read what other people think about it. How satisfied were they? Would they buy it again?

The same logic applies to small business. Potential new customers want to know what your previous clients thought of working with you. Customer testimonials are an extremely valuable tool for communicating the value of your brand or service to new clients.

Written testimonials are important as small bites of confirmation to your overall quality, yet you can really make an impact by showing video testimonials. Here’s why:

  1. Heightened Reality — Seeing a real person talking about their positive experience with your company gives potential customers a greater sense of confidence and security. These are people who have worked with you, and have enjoyed the experience so much they were willing to take time to shoot a video.
  2. Implied Trust — In recent surveys, four out of five people said positive reviews helped build their trust in the value of a product or service. Video testimonials take trust another step further. Customers want to believe you’ll provide them with a positive experience. A quality video testimonial helps to confirm that belief.
  3. Effectiveness – Video testimonials are repeatedly cited as having one of the highest levels of content marketing effectiveness. You’re not gathering information second-hand — this is a person or group of people who have had direct experience with your company. They’re willing to have their feelings and impressions documented, which is a very clear sign of commitment.
  4. Memory — A good video can stick. Written testimonials have their place in promoting your business. A video, however, can linger in the mind long after a person has watched it. You want potential customers to have a reaction to something they view. A strong video can lead to new client immediately picking up the phone to call.

Are you currently using video testimonials to support your business?

Here are a few examples of video testimonials we have produced