Small business owners know the fourth quarter is the time to bring all your annual goals to a close. You’ve been working all year to hit certain numbers or meet professional expectations. The final three months are your opportunity to finish strong.

Here are a few tips to meet those fourth quarter goals:

  1. Focus on Opportunity Rather than Stress — Try to look at the upside. Here’s an opportunity for you to exceed expectations and set the stage for a great start to the next year. If you focus on the stress and worry — whether you’ll make numbers — you may blind yourself to the unexpected. If you’re constantly fretting about the potential negatives, you can lose focus and struggle with sleepless nights. Stay positive.
  2. Recalibrate Objectives — No rule says annual goals can’t be fluid. Your objectives in the first quarter may not align with shifts in your business model come the end of the year. Recalibrating your objectives can help to reset expectations and ensure you’re focusing on the deliverables that are most important to your ongoing success.
  3. Think Ahead — Quarters can’t exist in silos. You need to plan beyond the short-term to establish a framework for what subsequent quarters may entail. Consider what you can accomplish in the the fourth quarter that can set the stage for strong momentum into Q1 and Q2 of the following year.
  4. Customer Appreciation — Q4 is a great time to double-down on satisfying your existing clients — the ones that value your services and expertise and continue to provide you with revenue. If you have good relationships, there’s no harm in being transparent and sincere. Thank them for continuing to be a wonderful client and communicate your appreciation. You’re already a trusted resource, so don’t be surprised if new projects suddenly appear.

What are your fourth quarter goals? What tips do you have for reaching them? Interested in learning how we can help you reach those goals? Click here to contact us today.