Video is a necessary piece of a small business marketing strategy.

Did you know:

  1. The biggest search engine behind Google is YouTube — which Google owns
  2. Online videos are streamed hundreds of millions of times every day around the world
  3. Video improves sales because visitors stay on your site longer after watching one
  4. Video can take on a life of its own as it is shared around the internet

Perhaps the biggest misconception among small business owners is that they can’t afford video. A package of videos can have a substantially longer shelf-life and impact on business than many other marketing solutions. The total cost, over time, is often more budget-conscious than other standard options.

Here are few other reasons why video is so important:

  • Search Value — Videos improve your ranking on search engines like Google. As more people are able to find your site through video, you improve your opportunities to generate new business.
  • The Impact of Mobile — People are constantly watching videos on their phone, which is a device that people carry with them at all times. Mobile access has also become a greater factor in Google’s search algorithms. Video is perfectly designed for the mobile audience.
  • Competition — Are your competitors using video? If so, they’re leveraging a tool that makes their business stand out. However you communicate your brand, video needs to be a piece of the solution.
  • Multi-Use — Video isn’t just accessible on your website or through YouTube. You can also post it to your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, reaching potential audience that may  not be aware of your business through traditional channels.

The time is now to begin using video as part of your small business marketing strategy. Contact us to get started today.