You want your site to be a destination for visitors, a place where they dig around and find out more about your brand. The content should be informative, entertaining, and ultimately, give guests incentive to establish a relationship. Unfortunately, potential customers are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. You need to find ways to keep them on-site longer.

Here are 5 tips for ensuring that happens, which can improve opportunities to convert them to clients:

  1. Improve Content — Do you want your visitors to stick around longer? Then give them something they can use. Poor content offers little incentive for your guest to find out more about your company. Your website needs to be fed to continually drive traffic. Make sure the content you post — whether it’s posts, video, or images — is of high quality and offers variety.
  2. Consider Your Design — You can include all the bells and whistles in your website design but if it’s not user-friendly and intuitive, people will leave. Site visitors want to feel comfortable when they arrive, assured they can find what they’re looking for without frustration. Put yourself in their shoes as you consider layout.
  3. Engage — Conversations don’t work when only one person is talking. The same logic applies to websites. You want to find ways to engage your audience so they interact with your site. Leverage social media, offer contests, and give your visitors reasons to deepen their relationship with your brand.
  4. Gather Email Addresses — Coupons work. How many times have you received an email offering a discount on a future purchase from a company you like? Collecting email addresses on-site enables you to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers and find ways to bring them back.
  5. Be Responsive — Statistics are posted weekly about the shift toward mobile access via smartphones and tablets. Your site needs to be optimized with responsive design, to meet those mobile expectations.

What tactics have you used to draw repeat visitors to your site? Need help maintaining an audience? Contact us today to learn how we can help.