Sometimes you just have to get stuff done! For many people, nothing works better than making lists. You make the list, assess priorities, complete the task, and check it off. While it’s tough to beat traditional paper and pencil, there are a handful of quality apps on the market to help you get through your to-do’s.

Here are 4 apps that may help feed your list-making obsession:

  1. Todoist — One feature all the apps recommended here have in common is their simplicity. Todoist may be at the top. The design is user-friendly and the features are intuitive. You can build lists, share them, create deadlines, shoot off reminders, and more. You can even play a game that awards you points as you complete tasks.
  2. Wunderlist — Very similar to Todoist is Wunderlist — boasting similar features including collaboration tools, smartwatch functionality, and deadline notifications. Microsoft purchased Wunderlist a couple of years back, so it had to have something going for it. Todoist may be a little more fun to look at, but Wunderlist is just as functional. The one you choose is simply a matter of preference.
  3. Google Keep — If you’ve already established your system to be all-in on Google products, you may as well keep it going with Google Keep. Key features include color coordinated labels and tools to send you alerts. Keep also lets you record audio and snap photos to incorporate into your system. Perhaps the most appealing feature is that it’s free, whereas the other apps start out that way but tier up based on what you need.
  4. Habatica — For those who need greater incentive to mind their lists is Habatica, a role-playing game app that also helps you complete tasks. You develop a character, complete tasks on journeys, collect points, and so on — all while finishing the items on your to-do list. Habatica is for the list-taker who REALLY doesn’t like checking off tasks traditionally.

What apps do you like to use to complete tasks?