Have you lost yet another candidate to a bigger, more recognized company? Competing with larger organizations for talent can be tough when in the eyes of potential employees, smaller companies have less to offer. What are the advantages of working for a smaller organization to promote to your next candidate that might entice him or her to make the leap?

More opportunity exists for varied types of assignments.

Unlike in a larger company where one’s job description may be very specific, in smaller companies the chance to become involved in many aspects of an organization is greater. More opportunities to learn new skills and handle different types of projects should be appealing to anyone interested in advancing their career.

There’s a chance to make a real impact.

In smaller companies, each employee can have a substantial influence. The ideas and input of one person may have a profound effect on the company as a whole. Instead of feeling like a small cog in a large machine at a bigger company, being part of a smaller staff means individual effort can be more easily recognized and encouraged.

The management chart is smaller.

If having access to the leaders and decision-makers of a company is important to a candidate, then a smaller organization may be the right fit. Without layers of managers and vice presidents to operate under, it’s easier to communicate directly with the boss and feel closer to the pulse of the company.

The mission statement of the company may mean something to you.

Smaller companies are often built from the heartfelt purpose of their founder. Sharing the same personal objectives as those around you can provide a kind of job satisfaction that goes beyond a paycheck.

Larger companies often have an advantage in hiring because of name recognition or prestige. If your next job candidate seems swayed by their allure, try promoting the unique benefits of “going small” with your company to help them recognize that bigger isn’t always better.

Susan Bryant is a writer and editor who enjoys working on diverse subject matter and collaborating on interesting projects. She can be contacted at susanbryant7@gmail.com.