Bursting at the seams in your current location? Can’t keep up with demand? These are good problems to have as a small business owner. And with your company booming, you may be wondering if now is a good time to expand. This decision doesn’t come without risk though – how do you know if you’re ready?

Your company has been steadily profitable. Do you have several years in a row that show a consistent uptick in earnings? Analyze the growth you’ve had carefully and make sure that a surge in profit wasn’t simply due to a temporary circumstance or other anomaly.

Your customers keep coming back. And they are asking for more. Loyal customers who are interested in additional products or services that you have the capability to provide are a good sign that any expansion you plan will be well received.

You’ve got the staff in place to handle new challenges. Doing more with your company will require more of your people. Are you confident your current group can take on additional tasks, or will you need to hire and train new staff?

Your industry is expanding. Do signs point to the continued growth of your field? Is the market you serve likely to remain steady or grow? Researching these questions in advance can help you determine if the outlook for what you offer looks positive.

You’re excited about getting bigger and better. Do some soul searching and really think about what it will take personally, professionally and financially to grow your business. Are you fully committed to devote the time and resources necessary to be successful?

Imagining what your company could become is an exciting prospect. You’ve already done what it takes to make it successful so far. Trusting those instincts again might just lead you to a bigger realization of your original dream than you ever thought possible.

Susan Bryant is a writer and editor who enjoys working on diverse subject matter and collaborating on interesting projects. She can be contacted at susanbryant7@gmail.com.