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Author: Susan Bryant

Is It Time to Grow Your Business?

Bursting at the seams in your current location? Can’t keep up with demand? These are good problems to have as a small business owner. And with your company booming, you may be wondering if now is a good time to expand. This...

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Diversity Training and Small Businesses

Hiring a diversity trainer is something only big companies do, right? Short answer: no. Any business that values communication, understanding and cohesiveness among its employees will see the benefit of providing diversity...

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Creating a Sought-After Corporate Culture

Have you ever had the experience of landing a great job in a company where you envisioned a long future, only to have things somehow not pan out? Could you put your finger on what went wrong? Maybe you didn’t click with the...

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Should You Hire Friends and Family?

As a small business owner, tapping into your personal network of family and friends as potential employees can seem like a great idea. You know these people well, they want to see you succeed and they may even already have an...

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